Silver Sponsorship package


If you love alpacas but don’t have the land or time to keep your own, or know someone who is alpaca mad, why not sponsor one of our alpacas with our Silver or Gold Sponsorship packs, it’s a unique and ideal way to share the alpaca love.

We have 5 alpacas to choose from and for those Llama fans, we have our very own Llama Champ Rameses




What’s in the Silver Sponsorship pack?

Your 1 year sponsorship pack will include:

A sponsorship certificate

A colour photograph

Facts and an alpaca profile of your chosen alpaca

A letter from your alpaca

An alpaca keepsake

Invitation to meet your alpaca and say hi to their friends (Meet & Greet only)

25% discount on any of our merchandise

Each silver pack costs £45.99 including P&P.

Valid 12 months and 2 weeks from purchase date.